Lian Li Industrial Co,. Ltd

A company domiciled in the Republic of China (aka Taiwan), founded in the year 1983, and renowned as the world's leading manufacturer of uncompromisingly high quality aluminium computer cases and accessories.

The Lian Li Industrial Company produces the some of the most sought-after and desirable personal computer cases and case accessories available. Turning out their first PC cases in the year 2000, they have quickly established their company name at the very top of their industry segment. The name Lian Li is synonymous with "highest quality aluminium PC products" amongst computer cognoscenti the world over.

At the time of writing, Lian Li is producing over 1500 different products for the computer hardware industry.

The benefits of Lian Li aluminium computer cases and housings are manifold:

  • Enhanced component cooling effect: the heat-conductive aluminium acts as a giant heat sink for the computer. This prolongs the life of the components, providing a more reliable computer with fewer crashes and freezes.
  • Light weight: the high strength and light weight of the aircraft-grade aluminium provides ergonomic benefits and enhanced occupational health and safety in the workplace.
  • Ease of upgrading: all internal metal edges are carefully rolled to guard against cuts and abrasions common when working with traditionally heavy and sharp steel cases. Additionally, the strength of the internal brackets ensures their shape to hold true, without buckling, further aiding upgrade chores.
  • Good looks: Lian Li all-aluminium cases are devoid of cheap plastic mouldings, resulting in handsome industrial design, and a more enjoyable computing experience.

Lian Li cases are available in three basic finishes:

  • Unpainted hard anodised silver brushed aluminium
  • Unpainted hard anodised black
  • Painted beige

A wide range of matched-finish accessories are also produced by the firm, including:

Lian Li's production output is impressive, turning out many millions of strictly quality controlled units annually. Globally, Lian Li products are consumed largely by Asia, which buys 45% of the firm's output. Europe follows Asia, taking 27%, followed by the USA, which consumes 25% of production. The forth largest continental market for Lian Li is Australia, which imports 3% of Lian Li's products.

Lian Li employs over 170 people in production and administration headquarters, in Keelung, Taiwan. Lian Li holds a patent for the design of their mobile rack, a system which is now widely imitated by tier-B and lower manufacturers.


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