Lemur Music

"The World's most complete source for the double bassist"

Lemur Music is a catalogue for people who play the double bass (aka string bass, upright bass). The Lemur catalogue, a small 6 by 8.5 paper deal with 75+ pages based in San Juan Capistrano, California, features a really kooky hand-drawn lemur holding a bass.

The catalogue is jam-packed with things for players of all styles, be they classical, jazz, rock, folk, country, bluegrass, avant-garde, or anything else you could think of. You can purchase bows (French and German varieties), carrying equipment, actual basses, a massive variety of strings, bows, bow rosin, tuners, and many other things.

A significant portion of the catalogue is dedicated to published music. Self-instruction books, method books for different styles of play, many bass solos and ensembles (both the obscure and popular), etude books, jazz fake books, Bach's cello suites (a zillion different versions), and more! The sheer volume of available music is staggering.

The catalogue ends with several dozen recordings, mostly CDs (though there is a computer CD-ROM of the virtuoso Rabbath explaining all his techniques that sells for over $100). There are many recordings by the greats, like Edgar Meyer, Gary Karr, Rabbath, and more. But most of the recordings are of a variety of artists and pieces. Aside from the rarest of the rare, the CDs go for between $12 and $20, making them rather reasonable.

Overall, Lemur is a great catalogue. If you need something now, Lemur will ship it to you in 48 hours. Lemur's customer service is great, and they aim to please. While not the best for purchasing actual basses (see Hammond Asheley of Seattle for that), they do accessories great.

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