"The Pride of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin" is an inexpensive and scrumptious beer introduced to me by an authentic cheesehead. They brew nine varieties of beer: Original, Light, Red, Northwoods, Hefeweizen, Bock, Creamy Dark, Honey Weiss, and Berry Weiss (the chicks dig it).

"Leinenkugel" is literally translated from German to English as "Linen Ball."

GOVERNMENT WARNING: (1) According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. (2) Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery or read fine print, and may cause health problems.

Leinenkugel's Red (the one everyone calls "Leinie's") seems to be the predominant variety outside Wisconsin - at least it's easy to find here in Maryland. Tastes a lot like Killian's Red, but just a bit more hoppy.

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