Le Monde d'Edena (The World of Edena) is the title of a comic book series by Moebius (Jean Giraud). It comprises six volumes, some of which I have been able to review:

  1. Sur l'Etoile
  2. Les Jardins d'Edena
  3. La Déesse
  4. Stel
  5. Sra
  6. Les Réparateurs

Edena is the mythical planet to which the astronauts Stel and Atan travel in the first book. Their arrival and adventures there are a source of constant mystery for our hero(in)es and for the reader. It is a place where dreams are lucid and elaborate, and where the technocratic astronauts must struggle to cope with life in an unmechanized and lonely environment. Moebius reimagines the Genesis story and gives it an ironic and futuristic kick up the arse.

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