Today i suddenely found myself with relatively little to do. I decided to do what any red blooded male geek would do on a lazy Sunday. I built a computer from the carcases of two dormant pentium systems and installed Linux on the resulting frankenputer. While that was copying system files and the such, I decided to bake a multi-layered cake. The Machine The machine was made from the desolate corpses of two systems that have been sitting in my garage since I moved in. It ended up being a P166 with 64MB of mem and a 6 Gig hard drive. I had some trouble finding a cd-drive that would operate reliably, but eventually one was uncovered in a file cabinet drawer. After the hardware was assembled it was treated to my brand new copy of Mandrake 7.0 that came courtesy of Maximum Linux yesterday. I'm about eight minutes from the end of the second install. The first install crapped out due to cd-drive failure. So far the neat features include a snappy looking and simple GUI install. The Cake I began the cake by making a batch of banana pudding. After pouring the pudding out of the mixing bowl to set I added the butter and sugar for the cake batter into the bowl without rinsing it out. (I left some of the pudding in). I mixed up a regular ol butter cake, but left out the almond and lemon extract and added an 1/8 tsp of ginger and nutmeg. After cooking in two rounds I let them cool and cut them to stack a four layer cake. I slathered the banana pudding between the layers and after an additional cooling down in the fridge, I iced the whole thing with cream cheese icing. The results were delectable. I even had time to play a random map on Age of Empires II. Lazy lazy Sundays.

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