The layback spin is the most beautiful and elegant of all spins if done properly. The skater spins on her left leg with the right leg bent and lifted behind the body.
The skater pushes her hips forward and leans back while raising her arms over her body in an elegant fasion. The arm position is open to interpretation. The most standard way of arranging them is by forming a loop over the body.
Some skaters can lean back far enough that their back is parallel to the ground and they are looking straight up at the ceiling. A poor spin is one in which the free leg is in a poor position, the back is slumped, the spin is slow, or the spin travels.

The layback spin is done almost exclusively by women because the majority of men are not flexible enough to assume the layback position. It has also just been known as a woman's spin.
There are, however, a few men who do laybacks (most notably Victor Petrenko and Rudy Galindo).
In almost all cases the man fakes it by leaning to the side instead of straight back. A lot of women do it this way too, but technically it's not a true layback.

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