Laruelhurst Park is one of Portland, OR's many popular parks. Although it is located in the rich neighborhood of Laurelhurst, it is close to the SE Hawthorne Blvd shopping district, and also to the arterial 39th Avenue, and thus is commonly crowded with all sorts of people from around the city.

Although Laruelhurst is a little bit bigger then a common picnic and playground park, it is by no means a nature park, and is mostly used for people wishing to go for a short stroll, walk their dogs, or play some basketball. However, since the entire park is situated in a slight natural depression, and is well shaded with some large old trees, it does provide the illusion at least of seclusion from the city around it.

Laruelhurst Park is also home to Laurelhurst Pond, home to the parks only wild fauna, a very large assortment of ducks. Since the pond is full of ducks, is fairly shallow and small and has no outlet, it is unavoidably filthy. However, at times it can look rather tranquil and beautiful.

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