A rather nice little town near Washington, DC which is still maligned for being in Prince George's County. If you stand in the right part of town, you can hit three neighboring counties with a thrown baseball if the wind's in your favor. It sits on US Route 1 about 3/4 of the way from Baltimore to Washington.

I like to characterize it with the following phrase: small town charm, big city convenience. It's not large (wild guess at the population: around 15,000), and there's plenty of evidence of small-town syndrome -- things happen like you discover that the parents of your favorite cashier at the supermarket live a block away from you. But there's no need to go terribly far to find anything essential, and some things that would be considered luxurious or exotic -- there are more ethnic groceries in this little town than some larger cities can boast.

It's where I live. I've mentioned it in some of my writeups, and it's high time I noded it.

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