Lat"ten (?), n. [OE. latoun, laton, OF. laton, F. laiton, prob. fr. OF. late lath, F. latte; -- because made in thin plates; cf. It. latta a sheet of tinned iron, tin plate. F. latte is of German origin. See Lath a thin board.]


A kind of brass hammered into thin sheets, formerly much used for making church utensils, as candlesticks, crosses, etc.; -- called also latten brass.

He had a cross of latoun full of stones. Chaucer.


Sheet tin; iron plate, covered with tin; also, any metal in thin sheets; as, gold latten.

Black latten, brass in milled sheets, composed of copper and zinc, used by braziers, and for drawing into wire. -- Roll latten, latten polished on both sides ready for use. -- Shaven latten, a thinner kind than black latten. -- White latten, a mixture of brass and tin.


© Webster 1913.

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