Stage name of Calvert DeForest, a longtime member of both of David Letterman's shows, Late Night And the Late Show. He is a rather diminutive bespactacled man who speaks with a lisp and whose deadpan delivery is simply hysterical. He was discovered at NYU where he had been doing student films in the early 1980's. He also stars in the classic Run DMC video for King of Rock.

Actor Calvert DeForest's short, pudgy, large-glasses-wearing character on Late Night with David Letterman. Melman first appeared on the first episode of Late Night in February 1982, and it was this in this appearance that he was given the name "Larry 'Bud' Melman" by David Letterman himself after Letterman saw a student film starring DeForest. He was a fixture of the show in its early days and began appearing more sporadically as the years went by.

Memorable appearances by Melman include...

Every appearance of Larry 'Bud' Melman came off as genuine and real, with not a trace of overacting. Melman often stumbled over reading cuecards and emphasized the wrong words of sentences out of nervousness. All in all, though, the character was charming and loads of fun.

When Dave left NBC in 1993 the network decreed that the Melman character was their intellectual property and therefore the new Late Show with David Letterman could not use the character. Calvert DeForest continued to appear, this time using his real name. In fact, he was the first image on the new Late Show as he appeared in the center of the CBS eye logo and proclaimed "This is... CBS!"


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