The movie, is much less about tomb raiding than it is about Lara Croft. Produced by Paramount Pictures, it stars Angeline Jolie as the tom-boy Lady Croft who lives in an English mansion of 87 (or so) rooms.

Croft has to prevent the Bad Guys (the Illuminati cult and independent contractor Mr. Powell) from getting two halves of a triangle that will allow them to manipulate time, and hence take over the world with evil (a very logical advantage, obviously). There are not too many surprises to the story line ie pretty predictable. Much less humour and special effects than The Mummy movie.

Jolie gets all opportunities to show us her legs and thighs and bum and long hair and full pouting lips and urm... have I missed anything else out?? Always either dressed in flimsy white or tight black, she's pretty hot. Actually I really like how she pulls her self-satisfied teasing smile.

One of the bad guy's sidekicks, a weasel named Alex (great name) - best described as a mercenary - is possibly the only romantic interest in the story. Unfortunately he is not half as good-looking as the butler.

Jolie's real life father, John Voight, plays her on-screen father. He went missing Lost, but not forgotten when Lara was a young girl.

The official site: (not yet up today)

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