Software that was written back in the day by IBM to modify the settings stored in the ISA Token Ring adapter's EEPROM chip. Then to, the dismay of many, the higher-ups insisted that the software be ported (I use the term loosely) to work with ALL their TR adapters. The end result is that the ISA Lanaid software works amazingly well, the PCI version is flaky, and the PCMCIA version is next to useless, as PCMCIA Token Ring adapters have no EEPROM, something IBM management would seem to have overlooked. Instead, it attempts to write to a DOS configuration file, which is damn near useless as Windows ignores it entirely.

When I spoke with some IBMers about this, they appraised me of the fact that the Lanaid software has not been updated since the early nineties and will not be updated any time soon. And, joy of joys, PCMCIA Lanaid has begun to malfunction due to recent changes in the bus standards for the PC card slots.

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