A German maker of fine writing instruments, though not well known outside of Germany to the general population. The company was founded in the 1930s by Josef Lamy, who, at the time, was the German representative for Parker. The company is still in the hands of the family to this day.

While many pen companies gravitate towards one general shape (with at least an evolution visible), most of Lamy's pens are quite unique, with only a Bauhaus inspiration keeping them together. Most of the pens look quite simple, and quite functional.

However, I think that betrays a greater technological edge that exists in these pens. One pen, the 2000, looks quite simple, but manages to blend a type of fiberglass with steel in a seemless merger--a first. Another pen, the Safari, is extremely tough, passing one company's "Volvo test," by which the pen is run down by the president's brick.

Because the designs are so diverse, it makes for an interesting line to collect. Because they are so utilitarian, they fit in among the most technical of crowds. Because they are not as well known, they prove to be unique in a room of Mont Blancs.

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