Ok, this is one of my favourite recipes: It was inspired by a meal I had in a tiny taverna near Nea Makri, near Ekali north of Athens, on the foot of the Pendeli and I tried to recreate it. I serve this normally only for my best friends as a little perk for them.

You can probably feed 4 hungry mouths with this. You'll need:

Put chopped garlic, 3 tsp of rosemary, 2 tsp of basil and oregano, the lambfillets into a bowl and cover it with 2/3 Retsina and 1/3 Olive Oil. Marinate for 6 hours.

Assemble the potatoes, onions (cut surface down), and fillets next to each other on a large, flat baking tray, add zucchini and aubergine and cover the whole affair with crumbled feta cheese. Now pour the marinade over the whole affair and pop into a preheated oven and bake at 200 degree celsius. Serve when fillets and veggies are all nice and tender and the feta crispy and brown. Serve with a good Shiraz. Enjoy !

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