This is a breed of terrier from the Lake District of northern England. They were originally bred to protect sheep from foxes. Since they were expected to enter fox dens, they are fairly small(not above 14.5" at the shoulder). They also have narrow bodies and strong jaws and back legs. They have a thick outer coat and a soft undercoat that often needs grooming.

A side note:
After our previous beloved family dog(a very intelligent mutt) died, and I left home for college, my parents decided to get another dog. My mother has always liked lakeland terriers, so they went all out and bought a pure bred from a reputable breeder. If you haven't dealt with a terrier before, let me explain a few things. They are the most stubborn, bull-headed and tenacious breeds I have ever had to deal with. They are also one of the most energetic. Now mix all with the bred-in ability to kill a fox in close quarters and cram it into a furry 15 pound package. This should give you a pretty clear idea of why I might have a love-hate relationship with this dog. On one hand, a game of tug-a-war can go for up to an hour. On the other hand, two hours after you're done playing she'll still keep droping a soggy piece of rope on you. To make matters worse, my parents spoil the dog. They indulge in every kind of doggy no-no. They feed her at the table, they let her get on any furniture she pleases, they let her jump on their laps when they're doing other things. All of my dealings with the dog for the first three months they had her was trying to reinforce good behavior, and failing miserably since I only saw her twice a month, at most. Then suddenly things started to change. I asked my mother if they had been going to obedience more often. She explained that the cat had finally gotten over her fear of dogs, and now beat the crap out of the dog when ever it got on the couch, or was too wound up for her own good.

And that's why I love my cat. (Hey, I said it was a side note...)

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