Lain: Cyberia Mix is the soundtrack for the popular anime Serial Experiment Lain. All tracks except "duvet" produced by Nakaido "Chabo" Reichi. "duvet" produced by BOA. ©2000 Triangle Staff.

Cyberia Mix is a mixture of dance and techno music, and is an incredible album. Even those who are not fond of the genre will love this album.

01. "s"peEd --------------------------------5:23
02. Duvet cyberia reMIX --------------------5:19
03. Professed intention and real intention -4:36
04. Antidepressant o44 ---------------------6:17
05. Psychedelic farm -----------------------4:24
06. Invisible file -------------------------4:53
07. Prayer ---------------------------------5:58
08. Island in Video Cassette ---------------5:38
09. K.I.D.s --------------------------------6:59
10. Cloudy, with occasional rain ----------5:08
11. INFANITy world ------------------------5:23
12. Duvet TV sized ------------------------1:40

"s"peEd begins with cool typing noises, and then slowly launches into a loud, unusual, upbeat song. A strange garbled voice is heard repeating something over and over throughout the song, and though you'll have no idea what it's saying, you'll find yourself repeating it in minutes.

Duvet cyberia reMIX is an extended remix of the anime's theme song. A slow song, but still thoroughly enjoyable, and in plain english.

Professed intention and real intention is techno at it's finest. Very danceable, and addictive, a female voice screaming "VIVA! VIVA LA REVOLUTION!" over and over again, with constant breaks by a DJ, telling you to get on the dancefloor "and screeeeam like this! Nnnnnnnnyaaaah!"

Antidepressant o44 is a cool song with nice percussions. Very upbeat and danceable, Quite long, too.

Psychodelic farm is a neat jungle techno piece, with great drums, and tribal chanting repeated throughout. Nothing seemingly to do with an actual 'psychodelic farm'.

Invisible file is a fairly unexciting track, slow and not very danceable, with a creepy deep Japanese voice speaking at the end.

Prayer is a really cool track with some English lyrics that you'll have trouble making out. But that's what makes it awesome.

Island in Video Cassette begins with the sound of a tape player loading and readying itself. More of a trance song than anything else.

K.I.D.s is actually a song that's about the anime! This song will make you want to fly, or turn off all the lights in your house and play with your computer.

Cloudy with occasional rain has incredibly beats and percussion. That's all I can say.

"INFANITy world" is a house song with a strange girl's voice speaking in what seems to be both Japanese and English.

The TV sized version of Duvet is a short, addictive English song with really cool lyrics.

To conclude, Lain: Cyberia Mix is a wicked album that you should consider purchasing even if you are unfamiliar with the series. Techno buffs will love blasting this out of their stereo, and this is awesome music to drive around to. L:CM is available online at various anime depots, but you won't likely find it in a typical music store.

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