LM_Net is a listserv for school library media specialists. The membership at last notice was over seven thousand.

The forum is intended to be a source of assistance and community among school librarians. It offers a searchable archive of posts, which are usually labeled with subject topic key words. This way the user can see at first glance if the message is merely a question/comment, or a HIT of responses.

Subject topic keywords in postings such as TARGET and HIT are frequently used to organize the list as it happens. TARGET is used when a member needs information on a topic. The list members who choose to respond might reply to the list, or to the TARGET-er privately. Usually the person who posted the TARGET asking for help will post a HIT of responses they received. These HITs become very useful, and since they are archived as such, repeat topics are minimal.

Some other subject topic keywords used on LM_Net are:
GEN - for general stuff
TECH - for software and hardware questions (mostly software, though)
JOBS - for posting employment opportunities

LM_Net has members all over the world, as evidenced by the addresses in taglines. It's neat to see what new nation or state Harry Potter is being challenged or banned in each week. Having seven thousand people who pretty much share your gloabl views makes you feel less alone in this world, too.

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