An extremely temperature resistant novolid fiber with applications similar to Nomex and Zylon. Unlike Nomex, it does not produce any toxic gasses when it degrades. It is related chemically to Bakelite. Researchers at the Carborundum company developed it in 1968. Currently, it is manufactured in Japan by Gun-ei Chemical Industry Company.

  • Protective Clothing for Firemen
  • Protective Clothing for Foundry Workers, Welders, and other people that come close to high temperature objects.
  • Ash traps for factory and power plant smoke stacks.
  • Flame barriers for upholstery in aircraft or on ships
  • As a reinforcement for composites
  • Brake linings
  • Splash guards for molten metal
  • Low temperature insulation for liquid natural gas
  • Accoustic insulation
  • Thermal insulation and padding in fuel cells
  • Reinforcement for natural fibers
  • Joint covers for fuel mains
  • Reinforcement for belts
  • As a precursor material for active carbon fibers.
It is sometimes used as an example of a superior material that is underused in materials science courses.

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