In Gloranthan mythology, the Troll Goddess.
Troll religion is essentially ancestor worship; trolls consider themselves great-great-great-grandchildren of the primal Demons of Darkness. When the Man Rune was created, the Darkness spirit Kyger Litor came forth to mate with him, and thus founded the race of Trolls. When murdered Yelm came to Hell, Kyger Litor led the trolls out of the hateful burning Light, to the surface world, where they conquered and terrorised and killed. When Chaos came, Kyger Litor was one of the greatest warriors against the universal threat. She was cursed by Chaos, and now most troll births are stunted, puny things called trollkin.
Trolls can eat anything, even air and stone, and they prey heartily on other sapient races. Kyger Litor forbids killing other trolls for food, but trollkin are fair game if they cannot make themselves otherwise useful.

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