Kung Lao is a character that appeared in Mortal Kombat 2. He has the ability to throw his hat, which has razor sharp edges. He also has a spin move which causes they other player to be pulled towards Kung Lao and an awesome drop kick move.

These are the moves for Mortal Kombat 2. Only some of the special moves, and none of the finishing moves, are applicable to other MK games.

Special moves
Hat Toss: Back, Forward, Low Punch (can be steered by pressing Up or Down during flight)
Teleport: Down, Up
Diving Kick: While in mid-air, press Down and High Kick simultaneously
Spinning Forcefield: Hold Block, press Up, Up, release Block, and press Low Kick

Finishing Moves
Bilateral Slice: Standing about two steps away: Hold Block, press Forward, Forward, Forward, release Block, Low Kick
Decapitation: From across the screen, hold Low Punch, press Back, Back, Forward, release Low Punch, then steer the hat so that it hits the enemy's neck.
Babality*: Back, Back, Forward, Forward, High Kick
Friendship* (Disco dance): Forward, Back, Back, Back, Low Kick
Acid Pool: Hold Low Punch and Low Kick, then approach the victim and press Down and High Punch
Kombat Tomb/Pit II: Forward, Forward, Forward, High Punch

* Of course, you cannot do a babality or friendship if you've done any punching during the winning round

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