Kristian Olaf Birkeland, 1867 - 1917

Physicist & Prophet, born in Oslo. Professor of physics at the Christiania University, he demonstrated the electromagnetic nature of the Aurora Borealis, and in 1903 developed a method for obtaining nitrogen from the air.

Among the devices he build and used for his research was his famous Terrella machine.

Birkeland embarked upon an expedition to discover the source of the Aurora Borealis which took him through such countries as Norway and Africa. His theory of magnetism was to become the accepted fact decades after his death despite a rivals attempts at criticizing and obscuring his work.

In 1967 satellites detected fast moving magnetic particles that proved the theories put forward by Birkeland, since then science has been re-evaluating his research. Unfortunately his Magnum Opus was lost at sea when the ‘Peking’ went missing after leaving Japan. Also unfortunate (in the present noder’s mind) is the fact that his research has been used in the production of the U.S. Star Wars program (in this regard see H.A.A.R.P.).

A Photograph of Kristian (in Fez) using his Terrella to generate 'Zodiacal Light' may be seen at:


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