He sat in the waiting room, staring at the big clock on the wall slowly tick onward. The clock had Roman numerals.
That's odd, he thought. Why use Roman numerals? All anybody knows are the Hindu-Arabic numbers.
He was disgusted with Seth Thomas' stupidity.
He looked at his watch, with Hindu-Arabic numbers. Digital. It was 9:48 PM.
The waiting room looked so sterile. Like it had been sprayed with something. All white and quiet. All of the magazines on the endtable were geared towards a 30-50-year-old female audience. He wondered, Can a magazine have an audience?
Earlier that day, he had seen a horrible wreck. A head-on collision. He saw one of the victims partially sprawled out on the road.
He was wearing a wristwatch.
It had Roman numerals.
He shot up, surprised at having heard his name for the first time in ages.
"The doctor will see you now."
"Oh. Okay. Thank you."
He stiffly got up and walked out of the waiting room.
"Mr. Krenwinkel?"
"The doctor's office is that way." She pointed in the opposite direction.

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