Kozhikode is a town on the cost in northern Kerala, a South Indian state. This is where, the foreigners first arrived in India. Vasco Da Gama a Portuguese trader came to the cost of Kerala and then started the ever lasting relationship between India and Europe. Initially the Portuguese were involved in the trade of spices. Spices from Kerala became famous all over Europe and Europeans started pouring into the country. The Dutch, the English all came and the English remained here.

Vasco Da Gama arrived in 1498 and then started the foreign trade followed by colonization. South India always enjoyed the safety provided by the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. Kozhikode was the capital of Malabar ruled by the king whose title was Samoothiri. He was a weak king compared to the kings in the South and foreign traders could easily overpower him. And thus started the era of colonisation and plundering by the foreigners especially the English.

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