(Spoiler alert: Includes detailed information on the final boss of Hexen.)

Chief villain from Raven Software's computer game, Hexen. Korax is the second of the three Serpent Riders, D'Sparil, Korax and Eidolon. He craves power, violence, and glory. Korax corrupted Menelkir, Traductus and Zedek to his will and with their help conquered the world of Cronos. His stronghold is an eerie fortress known as the Dark Crucible. The player's ultimate goal in Hexen is to slay Korax.

The name Korax comes from ancient Greek and means "raven". The folks at Raven Software obviously chose this name as a subtle reference to their company.

Several times in the game, an image of Korax will appear to taunt the player. When he appears in this form, Korax looks like a huge brown skull with six horns. The skull floats over a background of crimson flames. His voice is deep, echoing, and evil sounding. Korax says the following lines in the course of the game:
"Greetings mortal. Are you ready to die?"
"My servants can smell your blood, human."
"Worship me, and I may yet be merciful. Then again, maybe not."
"You have played this game too long, mortal. I think I shall remove you from the board."
"Are you strong enough to face your own masters?"

When you finally reach Korax for your final battle, his appearance is somewhat different. In person, he looks like a large, black, vaguely insectoid creature with six misshapen arms and huge teeth. He makes inhuman wailing noises and flings deadly projectiles at you six at a time. If he feels that you're enough of a threat, he will try to thwart you by calling in his thugs or turning the floor of his throne room into seething lava. He may also teleport himself.

If you manage to defeat Korax, there is one final threat before the game ends. Three tormented spirits will burst forth from Korax' chest as he dies. Avoid these spirits until they fade away, and you have won. Enjoy the ending.

Hexen manual
Hexen 2 manual

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