Kojyogaoka is a small neighborhood of Otsu city in the Shiga perfecture, Japan. It is mostly residential homes, and rice fields. It is also in the Zeze region. This is an area where many families with children live, because that way they can all hang out together, and go to the same school, which is nearby.

My girlfriend, Yuko currently lives with her family in Kojyogaoka while she goes to college in Osaka. I stayed there in the summer of 1999 with her family for 3 weeks. The neighborhood is very tight knit, everyone known everyone else. While I stayed there, I was known as "Yukos friend". In Japan, when a boy stays at a girls house, that usually means that they are going to get married. At the time we weren't going to, but we hope to in the future. There was much gossip about me while I was there. When I would go walking around by myself, the people always said "konnichiwa", and were very polite to me. It was completly different than a neighborhood in the US. I miss it greatly.

Since small neighborhoods like this are soo old, they oftentimes don't have street names. Instead the address contains the house number, and the neighborhood, as well as the city, perfecture, and postal code. The postal system works on the fact that the post officer hopefully knows where the numberd house is in the neighborhood.

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