A new digital SLR by Kodak. Truly amazing in the sense that it sports a 13.89 megapixel sensor in a 35mm SLR-sized body, and will be sold for around $4,000 US. Expensive? For someone like me who has to save up for a Canon D60, it is. But for the seasoned pro, it is chicken-feed for the performance. The camera debuted at Photokina 2002 a few weeks ago, and only a select few have been able to use it. Performance is supposedly quite fantastic though, in line with the rest of the Kodak DCS line of digital SLRs.

...and now for the specs...

  • ISO Settings: 80 to 800
  • 13.89 MP CMOS Sensor (4560 x 3048)
    • 13.89 Million Total Pixels (4560 x 3048)
    • 13.7 Million Effective Pixels (4536 x 3024)
  • File size: 41 MB full-resolution TIFF file;
    ~15 MB full-res. compressed DCR file
  • Bit depth: 36-bit color (12 bits per color) original capture
  • Removable, rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • 1:1 focal length (no magnification)
  • COMPACTFLASH or MultiMedia Card
  • Size: 5.16 in. (131 mm) tall, 6.22 in.
    (158 mm) wide, 3.5 in. (89 mm) deep
  • Weight: 2 lb (907 g) without battery and memory card
  • Conforms to FCC Class B, CE Mark
  • Class B Declaration, VCCI Class B Certified

    Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Firewire port is standard to transfer those big TIFFs out of the camera. Sensor is made by FillFactory in Europe, and is a full 36mm x 24mm sensor, so no lens conversion factor! Lens mount is a standard Nikon F-mount, so Nikon users rejoice!

Camera is due in the middle of February 2003, after many small delays, due to final tweaking of output and software issues.

courtesy of www.kodak.com and www.dpreview.com

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