The Kodak DC280 digital camera, now a discontinued product, was a relatively advanced camera when it was released to the public. It was the first Kodak camera to be released with a 2.0 megapixel CCD.

Following the previous Kodak DC240 and Kodak DC220 cameras, the DC280 is extremely user-friendly and designed for the photography amateur. Though considered bulky by today's standards (dimensions: 133 x 51 x 76 mm), the camera is fairly light (420g), easy to hold steadily, and nearly impossible to lose.

With the Kodak advancement of 2.0 million effective pixels, you can take really clean and high quality photos at a maximum resolution of 1760 x 1168. And with a 30mm - 60mm zoom lense, you get an equivilant optical zoom of 2 x. As well, you have access to 1.1x - 3.0x digital zoom that's simple to use on the 1.8 inch LCD screen.

Here are some other interesting, unmentioned specifications of the Kodak DC280:

  • Image ratio: 3:2
  • Sensor size: 1/1.76"
  • ISO rating: 50, 70, 140
  • Focus range: 50 cm
  • Macro focus range: 25cm
  • White balance override: 3 positions
  • Aperture range: F3.0 - F3.8 / F9.5
  • Minimum shutter: 1/2 sec
  • Maximum shutter: 1/755 sec
  • Self timer: 10 sec
  • Compressed format: JPEG (EXIF), FLASHPIX
  • Playback zoom: 2 x (scrollable)

Implementing the ever-popular CompactFlash cards, it remains even easier for the user to transfer their recent photographs onto their computer. Available in many sizes -- most popular for digital cameras seem to be: 8mb, 16mb, 32mb, 64mb, 128mb, etc. -- the images can be exported using the USB link on the camera and the included software, or a third-party CompactFlash reader works just as well.


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