For anyone who does not know what these swinging "games" are...

(1) Knickers in the Tumble Dryer - simple really: all ladies present remove their undergarments which are then put in the tumble dryer. The dryer is switched on, rotates for a couple of seconds, then each gentleman present takes it in turn to pull out a pair of knickers......and that lady is his partner for the evening. (Or he could wear them himself, if he was so inclined, I suppose!)

(2) Car keys in the fruit bowl - all the gentlemen place their car keys in a large fruit bowl. Each lady then takes it in turns to pick one set out....and that gentleman is her partner for the evening. (Or she could just drive off in his car, specially if it was a Ferrari or similar.) This was spoofed by a car manufacturer for a TV advert in the UK;(I think it was Toyota or Honda), where a very large lady pulled out this manufacturer's car keys, and all the men present stood up and claimed to own it - the message being that this is a car you'd be proud to own.

Whether these are real swinging games or not, I have no idea! I have heard of swingers breaking the ice by playing strip poker, or a sort of forfeits game with dice (throw a 2, you have to remove an item of clothing, throw a six, you have to give the person opposite you a kiss, etc), but I have never done any of these myself.

I'd be interested to hear from any swingers out there who know any other games.

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