Klunen (pronounce the u sharp, as in Munich) is a Frisian verb. It means walking on ice skates.

I doubt there is any other language that has a verb for such an activity, although its meaning has been adopted into Dutch (Frisian is spoken in Friesland, a province of The Netherlands).

To understand why one would ever come up such a verb, one must know the tradition of (ice)skating, which is immensely popular all throughout The Netherlands. People skate over long distances on the many lakes, and canals that interconnect them. Frequently, long distance skating tours are organized. For instance, the most famous trip, the Elfstedentocht ("Eleven Cities Tour") stretches for about 220 km/138 mi, all on "natural ice" (as opposed to man made ice of skating rinks).

Oftentimes there are stretches where the ice is too thin to skate safely; for instance the water under bridges does not freeze over completely, and some canals are kept open for ships. In this case, the skaters get off the ice, and walk (or if it's a competition run) to a location where they can again enter the ice floor safely.

It would take too much time to remove the skates, so they are kept on. People put old carpets, wooden planks, or straw on the ground to protect the skate blades.

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