Early on in the days of BBSes there came to be a need for advertisements hyping up a particular board's offerings or capabilities. In the very early 90s artists drawing in the ANSI standard (which was a common way graphics were rendered over modems; as text which would scroll by on the screen) began to band together and form groups. Very soon the concept of a monthly archive ("pack") became popularized and it set the standard that has been carried through to today. Inter-group rivalries helped to spurn artists into action and there was, at times, enthustiastic competition between artists as they tried to outdo each other to discover what was possible with the archaic textmode medium. This was the basis for the ANSI scene.

When ANSI art began to break out of the mold of copying other people's art (primarily comic books but also cartoons and such) the group concept started to lose its appeal for certain artists. Whereas groups released archives of work with no particular theme (usually) some artists wanted to explore the creative possibilities of the medium outside of that heirarchy. To that end some artists began to release solo packs of their own work on irregular time scales.

Klexikal was born as an analogy to a record label for solo artists creating boundary-pushing artwork in the underground ANSI scene. Founded by Dieznyik in 1996 the non-group went on to host art from scene legends such as Konami, Samurai, and Flame. Each "disc" (to use the alternate nomenclature employed by the Klexikans) had its own feel and intent and showcased the wild art stylings of a unique player in the digital underground. Thought Klexikal's main period activity only began after the ANSI scene and BBSes in general has risen to notoriety and fallen out of widespread awareness, the organization has significantly influenced a new breed of artists that continued working within the medium long after it was no longer particularly relevant.

A rough list of releases under the Klexikal banner (artist - disc title):

Nootropic (aka Dieznyik) - 3C 273
Eerie (33) - (name forgotten, .IT music disc)
Dieznyik - ZXica
flame - endorphic paradise (a collection of illustrated poetry)
crayon - jaded (ok this one really sucked)
Samurai - Ronin
Dieznyik - Sztuka
konami - Smile :)
konami - Ansi for the Children

No new releases are planned but Klexikal may surprise the world yet.

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