Klaha was known to be the "odd one out" of Malice Mizer; that is to say, he was the most normal of the group. Before MM, he was the vocalist for another visual kei band called Pride of Mind.

Listening to Klaha from his Malice Mizer days is like sitting in an opera house. Klaha has a deep, rich voice, and his singing style is definitely operatic: dramatic, with notable vibrato on extended notes. His range tends lower than that of Camui Gackt, but Klaha can also hit some high notes pretty well.

Klaha's stage presence isn't really lacking, but it's not as big as, say, Közi's. When he sings, he seems to gesture to far-off places a lot, reaching in front of him to the audience in lives. Beyond that, most of his stage action is doing whatever little dance they've cooked up for the song. Klaha is usually seen in very elegant dress, with lots of cloaks and long coats. Even during the very punk goth Bara no Seidou concerts, he wore a long black vinyl(!) trenchcoat. He has a very serious demeanor to him in the context of Malice Mizer.

Since the disbanding of Malice Mizer in December 2001, Klaha has started a new solo project and has released an album, Nostal Lab. The style of music on Nostal Lab varies, from jazz, to RPG-esque, to a short a capella at the beginning of one of the songs. It's a step in quite a different direction from Malice Mizer. Some fans have also started associating Klaha with penguins, since the release of the Scape promotional video.

Klaha has two cats, Atra and Chopin.

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