The central female character in We The Living by Ayn Rand.

"She stood straight, motionless, with the graceful indifference of a traveler on a luxurious ocean liner, with an old blue suit of faded cloth, with slender, sunburned legs and no stockings. She had an old piece of plaid silk around her neck, and short tousled hair, and a stockingcap with a bright yellow tassel. She had a calm mouth and slightly widened eyes with the defiant, enraptured, solemnly and fearfully expectant look of a warrior who is entering a strange city and is not quite sure whether he is entering it as a conqueror or a captive."

Kira desires to be an engineer and goes to school to become one. She is at the center of a storm of anger, irrationality, and death that she cannot escape from.

"For those readers who have expressed a personal curiousity about me. I want to say that We The Living is as near to an autobiography as I will ever write ... the specific events of Kira's life were not mine; her ideas; her convictions, her values were and are."

Ayn Rand
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