A supplement to Vampire: The Masquerade, a World Of Darkness tabletop RPG by White Wolf Game Studios. The name is slightly misleading, in that Kindred is the name vampires from Vampire refer to themselves as; these Kindred are nothing like the Kindred of the Western World.

Kindred of the East is a game based solely in Asia, specifically, the countries of Japan and China, strictly for the mystique these lands carry with them. Even though the Kuei-Jin, as they refer to themselves as (the term "Cathayan" also applies), are not vampires in the traditional, bloodsucking-to-survive sense, they do drink blood, but it is for the chi within the human body.

For reasons unknown to the Cathayan, they do not rest after death, experiencing what they refer to as the Second Breath, and rise from death, wanting nothing more than the chi of mortals. They are, in actuality, demons of a sort.

They do have what they refer to as Disciplines, but they are nothing at all like those in the Vampire core book.

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