Wonderful bluegrass band from Dallas,Texas. Even if you are not ordinarily a fan of this type of music, you should listen to them for their deep, rich harmonies and terrific musicianship. Their first album Stranger In This Place features two standout songs. The first is Muddy Rio Grande which is a sad tale of a dying man telling, presumably God, to roll away all his sorrows down the famous river. The other great track is Wake Up And Smell The Coffee, which incorporates the perculation type sound from the old Maxwell House coffee ads, and contains a number of coffee related puns in spinning a tale of a jilted lover. The next album, Foggy Mountain Anarchy is in the same vein, but a bit heavier. The last track called Driving Around has an almost punk sound and just simply talks about wandering aimlessly. When his car breaks down he then spends his time walking around. The first album is on Flying Fish and the second appears to be on their own label.

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