A Japanese Steakhouse in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. (Yes, everyone is aware of just how weird that is.)

Kiku's has six grill tables, and each fit about seven people. They also have a karaoke bar, but as no one in Sheboygan would ever do karaoke, there is no microphone.

They do not serve sushi - once again owing to location. People in Sheboygan only eat fish when said fish have been fried. However, the rest of the items on the menu make up for it. All of the entrees come with soup, ginger salad, vegetables, fried rice, and whatever meat or vegetable was ordered. The calamari teriyaki is excellent, as is the green tea.

The only problem is that all of the jokes are apparently taken from the same book that every single other Japanese Steakhouse uses, and they never change. But the food and service are great.

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