Pink Floyd released a song titled, Pigs (Three Different Ones), on their 1977 album, Animals.

The album was primarily the work of Roger Waters with little input from other group members other than David Gilmour, who helped write the music for Dogs.

These altered lyrics are set to the flow and cadence of Pink Floyd's Pigs. These lyrics describe each of my three children.


(S., boy aged 12)

Sam-man bright ham - Ha ha hurrah you are

You thin spin toy boy - Ha ha hurrah you are

How do you make me smile while I sigh?

You're clearly a real joy

Confusion, laughs, and flash noise

Clever sharp spills of nonsense

Deep distant stares when you think

Wreckless and thoughtless aim - But do we try to tame?

Short hugs and short shrugs

You're clearly a joy

You're clearly a joy - But you're really a try

(M., boy aged 14)

School ground game hound - Ha ha hurrah you are

You best-try shy-guy - Ha ha hurrah you are

In competition you glow your very best

And that's clearly a real joy

Proud parents can enjoy

Success, contests, but cold stress

Com’on kid you're doing fine

Always trying hard to please - Now can you sit at ease?

Trade your tense depth for deep breaths

You're clearly a please

You're clearly a please - But you're really a try


(B., girl aged 20)

Numb hub art spark - Ha ha hurrah you are

You mood shift bluff heart - Ha ha hurrah you are

Vivid colors tattoo your eyes; but you is gray?

Your smile's a real treat.  Sunlit, innocent, and soft sweet

You're a cool drink feigning a faint wink

Barefoot inner self

You slight advice and roll the dice - So do you have beginner's luck?

Your smile's a real treat

You're nearly complete

You're nearly complete - But you're really a try

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