A two-man publishing house in Ohio. Key 20 publishes two types of material, poetry and role playing games. Currently, they have only released two items: a poetry anthology titled Illegible Stone and an rpg, Little Fears. An interview with Key 20's own Jason Blair posted December 17, 2000 on Gaming Outpost offers some explanation into why anybody would try to make money using role playing games and poetry.

Gaming Outpost: Here's the big one, why do you want to get into two industries that, as you have said, are small markets?

Jason Blair: Passion. Unlike most business people I've come across, I need to feel passionate about what I'm doing. I'm not the type of businessman who can do anything with any product and any company. I need to be fully behind what I'm pushing and the two things I'm most passionate about are poems and rpgs. Hopefully, getting into two small markets will work for us the same as if we'd gotten into a single mid-level market.

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