Kevin Braheny is a most remarkably unique space musician and architech of sound. He began his career doing soundtrack work in the mid 1970's in his Los Angeles post studying from the Vandercooke College of Music in Chicago. He has collaborated with many other (more often, better known) contemporaries including Michael Stearns, Steve Roach, Malcom Cecil and Tim Clark. Lullaby, for the Hearts of Space record label was released in 1980 and shortly thereafter, signed on with them and subsequently released The Way Home(1984, his magnum opus, Galaxies(1988), and Secret Rooms(1990).

Kevin's personally constructed signature instruments include his Mighty Serge modular analog synthesizer assembled in 1977 by Serge Tcherepnin. His trademark is the Steiner EWI(electonic woodwind instrument), which he built from design by Nyle Steiner. His later collaborative works include Rain(1995), The Spell(1996), Desert Solitaire(1989), and Western spaces(1990).

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