Probably the most innovative surfer of the last 15 years. From Coco Beach Florida, Slats has blown the world of surfing apart, claiming 5 consecutive World Championship titles in the 90's (I think). He's the kind of surfer that when you watch him, you think, fuck that looks easy yeah I'll go do that, and then you take off on a wave way beyond your ability, wipeout, and smash your head on a rock :)

Slater is a dream to watch - he has a grace no other pros do.

Also recently he has begun attempting ARS's (Air Roll Spins) which have previously only been possible on lids - this man represents the cutting edge of surfing ladies and gentlemen. While it is rumored these were done up to 10 years ago (BS), there are photos in Australian Surfing Life magazine of him almost pulling one off in a comp of all places!

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