Frank Kelly Freas (1922-)

Kelly Freas is the most popular artist in the field of science fiction. Since 1950 he has painted hundreds of covers for sf magazines, including Analog, Fantasy and Science Fiction, If, Planet Stories and many more. He has also done many book covers for Ace Books, Gnome Press, DAW, and all the covers for Laser Books.

He has also done covers for record albums, Mad Magazine and he designed the shoulder patch for the Skylab 1 astronauts. His space posters even hang in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington.

He has three published collections of his work. He has been nominated for the Hugo 20 times and has won 10 Hugos for best artist.

Kelly was born in New York state in 1922. He grew up in Canada, but now lives in Pittsburg. In 1950 he submitted some artwork from a class assignment to Weird Tales, and it sold. From that point he decided on a career as a science fiction artist.

His first cover for Analog, then Astounding Science Fiction, in 1953 was later used as the record jacket for Queen's best-selling album News of the World.

Kelly was the cover artist for Mad Magazine from issue #40 (July of 1958) through issue #74 - October of 1962.

You can find his homepage at;


Editor's note: Freas died Jan. 2, 2005, at his home in Los Angeles. He was 82.

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