I've actually been to this place. Karlovy Vary, or Karlsbad (in German) or Carlsbad (in English) sits 80 miles west of Prague, in the Czech Republic, very close to the border of Germany. It is one of the main spa sites in Europe, and it's location (smack in the middle of Europe) makes it an ideal spot for many tourists. Supposedly everyone from Wagner to Freud to Tolstoy "chilled out" at the spas. Personally, I remember the visit as it being cold, windy and overcast the whole day. We went into one of these century-old buildings where the hot springs were channeled into fountains. You could drink from these fountains, and the mineral content in the water was supposedly good for digestion, cleans out your system, etc.

It tastes bloody (high iron content) and disgusting.

Oh well, I suppose there are enough people who could appreciate this place, it also being full of trees and other greenery, so I'm sure a visit is in order if you're touring through Central/Western Europe.

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