Kang Keqing (1910-1982) was the wife of the famed Communist military strategist, General Zhu De (ARA Chu Teh). She was a revolutionary, military commander, and fighter for women's rights. She was one of the thirty women participants in the Long March (1934-1936) out of 130,000 total. Around 30,000 marchers survived, of whom nineteen were women. Kang was renowned as the toughest of the female Chinese on the march, always carrying at least one rifle with her. A good shot, Kang was once spontaneously elected by three hundred male soldiers to lead them into a skirmish.

When Mao referred to the overwhelming temerity of the women on the March, few doubted that he especially meant Kang. However, there was more to Kang Keqing than her wartime skills. Fierce and forthright, she later championed women's rights and went so far as to advocate the right of women to seek out and "punish" those who abuse or rape women.

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