In Star Wars Episode 2 Kamino is the watery planet where the species who created the clone army live.

Kamino was originally a planet with large land masses however a drastic change in climate melted the polar ice caps and flooded the planet.

In these inhospitable conditions the Kaminoans were forced to resort to cloning and selective breeding merely to survive as a species, this meant that specimens with handicaps did not survive. Due to this the Kaminoans became a magnificent species but with a natural intolerance for physical imperfection.

The great flood destroyed the planet’s natural resources so the Kaminoans began to use their great cloning ability for financial gain. The clone army allegedly ordered by Jedi Master Sifo Dyas is the largest and most expensive human cloning project ever under taken and because of the huge sums of money involved the prime minister takes care meet Obi Wan Kenobi in person believing him to be a representative of the republic. Expecting a considerable bonus for the first battalions he is even prepared to overlook the Jedi’s apparent ignorance which he ascribes either to an advanced form of politeness or a subtle test.

Kimino eyes are sensitive to ultra violet light and their apparently white interiors are in fact decorated in a multitude of hues imperceptible to the human eye.

Kaminoans have always lived on hard stone and artificial floors were there is little need for stability this has allowed their feet do evolve into long thin shapes that have a small surface area but add to height. Similarly their necks were originally of normal length but the seven bones within them gradually elongated. This comparatively small number of bones makes kamino necks surprising delicate and inflexible.

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