Kalmah were formed in Finland in 1991 by Pekka Kokko and Petri Sankala. However they were known by "Ancestor" at that time. In 1998 after 5 demos the band decided to change their name and became Kalmah.

Their promo cd Svieri Obraza got them a deal with Spikefarm Records. Wasting no time they got in the studio and started to record their first cd Swamplord. Swamplord was released in 2000 to very good reviews. Unfortunately they were compared (sometimes quite viciously) to other Finns Children of Bodom who by this time had already gained a bit of fame. In 2001 the band was back in the studio to record They Will Return which recieved fairly good reviews on the whole. On this recording they really started to shine, but it wasn't untill 2003's Swampsong that the band really showed their excellence. By Swampsong the Children of Bodom comparisions were harder to come by, and reviewers started to realise that this band were their own thing.

Kalmah's sound is harder, heavier and less classical influenced then Children of Bodom's Melodic Death Metal sound. They could be compared to Gothenburg sound bands like In Flames or At the Gates. However they are closer to Finnish bands like Eternal Tears of Sorrow (who by the way shares band mates with Kalmah). From what I understand Kalmah are pretty intense on stage, usually greased up and shirtless ripping through their songs at even faster tempos than on record! Kalmah are one of the better bands in the current wave of Melodic Death Metal bands, and I highly suggest checking out their music.


Swamplord 2000
They Will Return 2002
Swampsong 2003

Current Line-Up

Antti Kokko - Lead Guitar
Pekka Kokko - Vocals & Guitar
Pasi Hiltula - Keyboards
Janne Kusmin - Drums
Timo Lehtinen - Drums

(Source: The Metal Observer band history)

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