A desert region in SW Africa, largely in Botswana. 100,000 square miles. Covered largely by reddish sand, the Kalahari lies between the Orange and Zambezi rivers and is studded with dry lake beds. Its human inhabitants are mainly San, who are nomadic hunters, and Khoikhoi, who are hunters and farmers. Tswana herders have moved into the area and the Kalahari has become a popular tourist destination.

Kalahari is also a small chain of upscale vacation resorts known for their enormous indoor water parks, with the one in Sandusky, Ohio, being the largest at approximately 173,000 sq ft. Most of that space is occupied by water slides, pools of water and a large amount of small children and their families. It's also a hotel and quasi-mall, with some shops inside and some really good restaurants with views of the water areas. Two other resorts exist other than the one in Sandusky: there's one at the Wisconsin Dells and another in Pennsylvani's Poconos Mountains. The resort in Ohio is in the same town as Cedar Point, which is just a few miles away. If you're in the area to visit Cedar Point, Kalahari will allow you to shop and dine even if you don't purchase a room for the night or the water works during the day, which is quite fortunate as the food is rather good.


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