Sc I - In Court, the throne room of the King
Enter, the King, accompanied by the nobles Alejandre and Janus, and courtiers
Alej: From the north approach the Calim
Jan: My lord, they make ready for war
King: Untruth, my lords, who have not seen
The missives writ by their chiliarch
Whose steady hand steadies nerves
With tidings light as freshly mint snow
From God's own eye to us clean served.
I trust him then, I trust him now.
A messenger approaches
Mes: Lord chiliarch of Calied
Does send my king this treatise new
King: My nobles shall have truth revealed
Together shall we see it true
Alej: My lord, my soul is rent in loss
Jan: His gilted words less gold than dross
King: Jagged is my heart, rent, riven, wrathful
That wraith, so worthless, sibilant, and sly
Has cost me all I would not spend
Alej: They shall know the reason why.
Jan: When war there reaches, and hell ascends
Alej: Your daughter safely shall be brought
Jan: My lord, we ask you worry naught
Alej: With speed celestial we shall retrieve
Jan: Her blood imperial we shall to cleave
Exeunt, Messanger, Alejandre, and Janus. A courtier stands.
Kae: My lord, I do beseech your forgiveness, that in this time of grief so fresh, I might present a question unto the court.
King: Sorrow unkinged made me be -
Lifted were a kingdoms burdens.
Not a king whose crown gives no lee,
But a father struck with grief sudden.
Speak, coroner, who kings me fresh.
My kingdom waits on your request.
Kae: Your kingdom lies in Calim hands, for there is your heart ransomed. And though I have not a kingdom to lose, still my heart rests there also. For I never knew how many ways a man could love till I saw the Princess Kai.
King: There is but one. With all thy heart.
Kae: My heart is hers, and there I see it reflected and returned. My king is wise, and I hope he will grant me no more than he did the noble lords Alejandre and Janus, no less than his heart.
King: Poor sir, you lack lands and levies.
Courtier, you lack men and magic.
Hopeless, and yet, I grant your try
Kae: Most fair, my lord, though hopelessness is as equitable. With thanks, I shall depart. I ride not alone, though Alejandre and Janus be long gone. My companion is despairs anatheme.
King: Go with the hopelessness of my kingdom,
That when you leave, hope shall remain,
And I might rule this kingdom come.
Exeunt Kae

Sc. II - Calim camp. A battle rages.
Enter Alejandre, Junas, Kai, and the Chiliarch
Alej: Princess, wait, while we fight, and then
Janus: We'll pluck you from the serpents den.
Kai: Bared arms, and chests, I do see some
Fools playing towards being men
Though of rescuers I see none
Chill: Unworthy foes, your deaths will prove
Mere servants serving. You are both
Undeserving, of her love.
Alej + Janus: To arms! We'll see your words' worth!
The Chiliarch stabs both nobles
Chill: Sing then, birds, afore ravens call
Alej: At least I die to feed earth's thirst
Jan: Why was it you always spoke first?
Chill: Up to heaven, forever fall.
Enter Kae
Kae: My lord, this humble servant bows before your august stature, seeking a like audience.
Kai: Courtier! Flee, your gambit failed
Chill: Courier, I have a message
To the stars, deliver it, pray.
Kae: Apologies to your assemblage, but I yet carry a message, and I cannot bear yours till mine is delivered. Addressed to you, great chiliarch, a king's gift, from my king: a nation's hopelessness, signed and sealed.
They fight, Kae delivering a killing blow
Kai: Then I am free, to live such life
As I may fashion. Do you hope
That I am bound to be your wife,
In bitter marriage long entombed?
Kae: Rather, that you be free, and I free to leash myself to you. In saving, I am trapped, for the hero owes more to the victim. A moment saved, preserved in memory, and a life's spent serving. Save me, Princess, by holding my heart in safe keeping, and taking me into your service.
Kai: Wise is my kingdom's servant
Seeking more than treasure's trove
In duty passionate and fervent
Whose greatest service is love

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