KRRC are the call letters and name of the student-run radio station at Reed CollegeFreeform and rather low-powered, it broadcasts at 97.9 FM and best can be heard on campus and in the surrounding Eastmoreland neighborhood of Portland, Oregon and sometimes farther into the city on a good day if the listener's position is downhill from the station.  The station's motto is "Psychotronic World Domination."

    According to Reed's website, "This station has been entirely student-run since 1955. While it has changed call letters and its location on the dial over the years, it has retained the same independent and creative spirit. KRRC plays a wide range of genres and formats day and night during the school year."  KRRC, which is also referred to as 'k-rock,' 'Radio Free Reed College,' or just 'the station' is unlike most other college radio stations in that it actually is run entirely by students with very little official or administrative oversight.  The result is idiosyncratic and highly varied--a fun but very unprofessional radio experience.  DJs are drawn from the student population through an online application process and tend to receive airtime based on prior experience as a KRRC DJ, class standing, friendships with station management, and luck.  Programming is determined by the whim of any given DJ, although DJs are encouraged to provide as part of the application process a name and description of their show to be published in the KRRC programming supplement in the student body newspaper, The Quest.  Being busy, sleep-deprived (and often intoxicated) students, it is common practice for DJs to trade shifts if one cannot make it to his/hers.  While this means that the schedule is often meaningless it certainly helps keep DJ Dead Air in check.

     As a part of campus life, KRRC is known less for its programming than for the physical "station."  As a combined studio and social space, the station represents the true purpose of KRRC: to provide an excellent spot to play your favorite music at high volume from good speakers, party with friends, and enjoy the weird art and graffiti on the walls.  DJs frequently joke about "the listener" (, there's only one, man!), because they are aware that very few people actually listen to the broadcast.  On campus, for instance, you are much more likely to hear (and perhaps smell) the station from its open window rather than from a radio tuned to the signal.

    The station is located, along with a separate room for record and equipment storage, in one corner of the Reed student union building.  The transmitter and antenna is on the top of the building.  Along with prerecorded musical content, turntablism, DJ commentary, and in-station banter some more motivated participants have organized live performances on air.  These have included students' musical explorations and explosions as well as occasional visits from outside groups.  To fulfill FCC requirements, Public Service Announcements are also broadcast (but usually only if they are funny or too weird to pass up).

    While few DJs expect anyone to hear their show besides those present in the studio, the station does have a phone hybrid and telephone number.  If you call, somebody might pick up--then you will be on the air.  You could also leave a funny message.  (503) 777-KRRC



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