A Pakistani rock group that incorporates old folk styles, like qwaali, with rock to produce a ground breaking new sound that is easily transportable from the East to the West.

The seeds of Junoon were laid when Salman Ahmad was a teenager. His enchantment with eastern musical styles fused with his passion for the sound of the electric guitar led him to dream of a unique new sound which begged to be heard. That dream began to be realized in 1990 when Salman joined Ali Azmat, a young raw vocalist who'd had some degree of success with the Jupiters. The two of them formed Junoon on the premise that they would expand the horizons of the fledgling music scene. They later asked Nusrat Hussain, a pilot, to join them as a part time member.

The band is now comprised of Salman Ahmad, Brian O' Connell, and Ali Azmat.

Junoon albums are as follows; Junoon, Talash, Kashmakash, Inquilaab, Azadi, and Parwaz.

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