District 6 in Georgia is heating up, and much more money has been spent here than is usually allocated for such an election. We're talking 40 million dollars already spent for a Congressional seat, and the spending keeps going and going and going.

The Congressional election features Republican Karen Handel squaring off against Democrat Jon Osoff. The eyes of the nation are firmly fixed on the riding, because not only would Osoff be a force against the Donald Trump Presidency, if the likes of Georgia vote in a Democrat, that would be seen by many as a referendum on the job Trump is doing, resulting in changes in policy and position by scared Republicans wanting to keep their jobs.

Handel is no surprise. She's a "build the wall, get rid of the ACA and let the market set rates, we need big tax cuts for the job creators" Republican, a classic talk show darling. She's also been hammered for amongst other things spending obscene amounts of public money feathering her own nest and using every job as a springboard for more money and power. There was some campaign ad about the amount she spent on chairs for her office. 

On the other side, we have a guy who looks like the comedian John Mulaney in an ill fitting skinny suit, a liberal Jewish millennial whose prior experience was making documentary films against "the Man". He was caught lying about his anti-terrorist and security credentials, but the funnier aspect of his campaign is his focus on young, white, Georgia Tech grad mlllennials making six figures and reshaping Atlanta. His campaign spots center on the startup incubator Atlanta Tech Village, and the Alpharetta Tech Corridor. In Osoff's mind, all we have to do is help the poor neglected biotech and tech startup market because who is thinking of rich, well educated entitled gentrifying hipsters? Won't SOMEBODY think of helping these people, who often have to decide whether to have avocado toast or organic, homebrew, free range, cruelty free, fair trade vegan coffee? You can only spend that $20 a day ONCE.

Because honestly? It's literally "we have to make things better for those rich job creators" and "don't worry all the rest of you, all this will trickle down to the lesser people eventually" from BOTH OF THEM. Fat chance getting any sympathy from anyone displaced from their home because of constant tax increases thanks to gentrification and the headache of building surplus after surplus of condo block after condo block, all chasing that moneyed Millennial. Neither candidate has any interest in "the little people" - Handel wants big tax cuts for the ultra-rich and Osoff wants handouts to startup CEOs already flush with cash from the stock market ATM. They're literally both peddling the snake oil that is voodoo economics. Even the Democrat. But he's hip. And Jewish (the right kind, not one with a beard, he'll eat shrimp, but not ham kind of Jewish). And knows all the startup people. 

The campaign ads are comical. San Francisco sued to have Handel's ad featuring bohemian looking Californians with the Wharf/Alcatraz backdrop going on about how they really love taxes and more spending and letting in questionable elements, while featuring images of San Fran streetcars with "He's not one of us" and "No wonder these Californians are influencing this election to spread their liberal agenda." Osoff on the other hand looks like he shaved for the first time two weeks ago, but don't worry, he'd handle a 24 style terrorist outbreak just fine, with his massive street cred.

What exactly are we choosing here? Oh right, it's not even about these people anymore, it's about virtue signalling as to whether you're a patriotic good ol' boy willing to pull himself up by his bootstraps, or one of the champagne liberal set aghast that old white men are even allowed to EXIST anymore, while arguing repeatedly as to why Bill Maher saying "nigger" isn't racist. Just great. I'm going to be right in the middle, ground zero - of a tornado of spin.



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