My in-his-twenties nephew in K-Town tested positive for Covid-19 about 16 days ago (still asymptomatic), after his roommate was sick the week before.

I had a soft tissue injury on the side of my thigh stumbling a landing a couple of Sundays ago and have had water on the leg to the tune of 9 or 10 lbs. extra at times. Had a little water on the knee a couple of times, decades ago; no big deal, wait it out. There was pooled blood behind the thigh at first but it cleared out. I can feel the leg filling as I move about in the morning. Skin gets tight, makes it slow to bend.

Last Saturday I flew briefly and felt exactly what tool in my harness had attempted to merge with my flesh. Sunday the tool wasn't there but I could feel the harness touching the area. Fun hour of hang gliding. Monday the thigh/knee had swelled up to just like the previous Monday! It was deja vu all over again!

Healing progressed as before and I decided not to fly on the long holiday weekend on the middle of the pumpinest part of the year. The landing zone is a big open place so social distancing is no problem, but I decided why potentially expose myself just to see and be seen? Plus, people come from many different counties to fly here - a super spreader could wreak havoc.

So I had a very quiet weekend alone at home with the cat. Shot off two skyrockets on the 4th. They were all around me in a glorious riot of independence.

Off here on Monday since Saturday was the 4th, just knocking around and ready to go back to work building hang gliders in the heart of Orange County, CA on Tuesday.

Got an email from work at 16:30.
A relative of an employee (about 15 of us total) tested positive. The employee has tested negative though they want to retest in a few days.
The wing mine will be shut down for at least a week.

I hope they're OK, we're OK. I've really had little close contact with others at work, always wearing a mask; a face shield the last couple of days.

Glad I just bought 3 new tires on Friday!

Longevity Quest, 2020

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